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2019-08-14 21:20:48

With the advent of Distributed Ledger Technology, the ability to create and distribute tradable digital units backed by real world assets has become efficient, equitable and simple. GCU represents an asset that has many different built-in utilities.

For example, amongst other uses, it can be used to pay monthly subscription fees for the new Crypto-DAT automated trading platform, priced at $1,000 USD or 1,000 GCUs per month. Additionally, brokerage accounts at our brokerage partner Automata FX can be funded with Global Currency Units (GCU).

Set up your crypto wallet

In order to own any digital assets, a crypto wallet is needed. Kindly visit myetherwallet.com and follow the instructions.

Currently you can buy GCU from Automata FX. Just leave your contact info and professionals from AFX will contact you personally.

Additionally, you can receive up to 25,000 GCUs absolutely FREE.

Simply share this message with a few friends from your contact list, and when just 8 of them register, we will deposit up to 25,000 GCUs in your crypto wallet. It is that simple! (Limited to the first 10,000 recipients.)

GCU can be used as a payment for monthly subscription fees for the automated crypto trading platform or for funding brokerage accounts, or as a tradable asset on a crypto exchange.

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company and developer of sophisticated, algorithmic, fully automated trading solutions, including 4X-DAT® and Crypto-DAT™.

These software applications are intelligent, stand-alone, technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use and used for automated trading in both the over-the-counter FX as well as crypto currencies markets. Both applications can simultaneously trade numerous currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, manage and monitor an unlimited number of trades in various independent trading strategies, which can be individually customized. Each software provides money management either

Each software provides money management either on trading cycles consisting of several trades, by closing them at a pre-determined profit as a group, or by opening and closing individual trades based on prevailing market conditions with a high degree of effectiveness. It does this automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for human input following the initial trading setup. For more information please visit: glpt.io

Source: GlobalCurrencyUnit.io

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